Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has decided to press ahead and draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for Chedworth with new councillor Bella Heathcoat-Amory heading up the Steering Committee.A Neighbourhood Plan puts in place a planning policy for the area and provides a guide for future development.  Once the plan is prepared the whole parish gets to vote on it at a referendum and, if it gains local support ant the approval of the planning authorities, the plan will become part of the statutory development documents for the area.  It will mean that the local planning authority has to make decisions on applications in the Parish based on the policies in Chedworth’s Neighbourhood Plan.The Neighbourhood Plan can guide the provision of infrastructure priorities for new development (i.e improving paths and open spaces, can guide where community facilities are located and identify and designate green spaces which can be protected.  The Neighbourhood Plan does not have to allocate sites for housing, but it cannot restrict development to less than that identified in the Cotswolds District Local Plan.

We need your views – The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be based on a proper understanding of the area and the views, aspirations, wants and needs of the Parish.  So consultation is a big part of the process and the Parish Council and Steering Committee will do everything it can to find out the views of the village over the coming months.  If you have any views at this stage please get in contact with

We need your help
– Anyone who lives or works in the Parish who wants to be part of the Steering Committee is most welcome.  You can get involved as much or as little as you want to, so if you do want to get involved, at any stage, please contact Bella Heathcoat-Amory at