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We ask that you see any missing documents please email the clerk at clerk@chedworthpc.org.uk or call on 01285 720313

Chedworth Parish Council – Copy for June 2022 Hill & Valley


“Do you know your meadow vetchling from your bird’s-foot trefoil? – if you are interested in what’s happening with the village verges after the Parish Council took control of maintaining them, you might like to join members of the team to brush up your plant identification skills, or perhaps learn from scratch. Provisional date Monday, June 20th at 6pm has been set, subject to weather. Meet at Airfield Triangle (where Fields Road meets the Whiteway). For more details see Facebook/Nextdoor.”


In the absence of adequate public transport, we are still looking for smart ways to help young villagers get to and from social and cultural events outside Chedworth. Options could be a transport link to Northleach to hook up with the better public transport there, car share volunteers, or even a dedicated minibus to go further afield. We need to hear what young people and your parents have to say on the subject. Please contact Tony Kingsley /tonykingsley210@gmail.com/ so that, with your ideas, we can get a discussion going and move on to action.


We are still waiting for replacements for the faded road signs along Fields Road originally promised for February, but Gloucestershire County Council has repaired the direction sign near the eXbox which had been broken and its post completely snapped off at ground level.  Our Chairman has repaired and repainted the “Roman Villa Footpath Only” sign at Courts Close which been broken and uprooted presumably by a large vehicle.


We are very grateful to Mr Ray Hedger who has repaired several of the Village noticeboards. In addition to upgrading the Lower End and Well Hill Noticeboards Ray has given the Village Hall noticeboard several coats of preservative to prolong its life.


One side effect of the recent development taking place in the area is the infrastructure levy paid by developers to CDC. Currently the Parish Council gets a small proportion of this for works to improve the village infrastructure and if our neighbourhood plan is approved this sum will increase appreciably.  Last year we used our infrastructure levy payment to pay some of the cost of the upgraded disabled loos at the Village Hall. So far this year we have received £4,741.02. which we may ring fence for a major project.