Chedworth Parish Council

Parish council meetings are open to the public. At the beginning of each meeting there is a period set aside for villagers to raise any items they wish which are relevant to the parish council. These can be comments on items on the agenda or other matters which fall within the parish council’s responsibilities. Once the public session is over members of the public are welcome to remain but not participate in the business of the meeting.





CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES:      Parish Council Virtual Meeting 14th September 2020


DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  The Chairman to remind Councillors of the need to declare interests as necessary.






   20/02868/ADV Village Hall – Advertising Consent for Welcome Sign (by 14th October)

   20/02891/FUL Field Cottage – Alterations to garage to form ancillary accommodation

   20/03268/FUL Lawrence Cottage – Extension & Conversion

   20/03586/TCONR Cowslip Corner – Tree Works

01.1   Planning Appeal – APP/F1610/W/20/3257387 Fair Haven, Fields Road – Construction of up to 5 Dwellings

01.2   Land next to Village Hall – To consider email replies from Centaur Homes

01.3   Neighbourhood Plan:  To receive a report on the level of interest from the parish in preparing a plan




02.1    Traffic in Village and Road Matters:                              


a)   Roadside Verges:

   i)  To receive any update on the cutting of the roadside verges

ii) To receive any update on taking over the cutting of the roadside verges including the insurance aspect

b) Roadside Verge adjacent to Primrose cottage – To consider email received (27/9) and decide if any action is required

c) TTRO 2115 A429 Cirencester to Northleach – Notification from GCC of Temporary Road Closure

d) Trees on Fields Road – To consider email (10/9) from Martin Hughes and decide if any action is required

e) Airfield Bend Drain – To consider email (3/10) from Matt Fulford and decide if any action should be taken

02.2     Footpaths:

a) KCH 64 – To consider email reply from GCC PROW regarding formalising the diversion and decide what, if any, further action can be taken and to also consider requesting new signs to show the route of the diverted path.           

b) Missing signs on parish rights of way – To receive report on any missing signs which have been notified to the council and decide how to proceed. (Waymark signs can be provided by GCC for landowners to put in place. In order for the Parish Council to carry out the work the permission of the landowner needs to be obtained)

c) Public Path Diversion Order footpath KCH 17, 19 and Extinguishment Order footpath KCH 15 at Hartshill, Chedworth – To note the receipt of orders from GCC

02.3     Playing Field:-

a)  Grass Maintenance around the Fitness Equipment – To consider email reply from Patricia King HVLTC regarding their request to pass the responsibility for cutting  the grass back to the Parish Council.     

b) To review the rental paid by HVLTC (Five year review was due in 2017 but not carried out at that time)

02.4     The Grass Keep Field:

a)  Drama Group Storage – To receive an update on any quotations for providing the building and decide on any further action now planning permission has been granted.

b) To note the email from Mr and Mrs Baker informing the Council that they do not wish to continue with their tenancy of the grass keep and to decide if the Council should attempt to find new tenants for this year

02.5     Trees at the Hemplands – To consider email reply from GCC Highways who are not  prepared to carry out any work on the trees at the Hemplands (18/9)

02.6     Chedworth Village Hall:

a) Village Hall Land Registration – To consider email (29.9) from Simon Colbeck requesting clarification of land ownership

02.8     Rendcomb Airfield – To consider any further correspondence regarding noise nuisance    

02.9     Village Clean Up on Saturday 24th October – To receive an update of the arrangements


03.0    FINANCE:


03.1    D Broad (Website Hosting Aug/Sept/Oct) £21.60

03.2    R Jess (Zoom Subscription) £152.99

03.3    Bibury (Graveyard Path Cutting £60.00 + VAT) £72.00

03.4    Cottage Garden Services (Playing Field Cutting September) (£80.00 + VAT) £96.00

03.5    Viking (Ink £38.77 + VAT) £46.52

03.6    E Broad (12x2nd Class Stamps) £7.80

03.7    High Tech Windows (Village Hall Windows Deposit) £1,499.37 Retrospective

03.8    Council in receipt of £4,515.00 part Precept from CDC




04.2   Hill and Valley – To consider any items for inclusion in the November edition


NEXT MEETING:  Monday 9th November at 7.30pm.