Chedworth Parish Council

Parish council meetings are open to the public. At the beginning of each meeting there is a period set aside for villagers to raise any items they wish which are relevant to the parish council. These can be comments on items on the agenda or other matters which fall within the parish council’s responsibilities. Once the public session is over members of the public are welcome to remain but not participate in the business of the meeting.





VACANCY ON CHEDWORTH PARISH COUNCIL:  To consider co-opting a member to fill the vacancy


CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES:      Parish Council Meeting 14th June 2021


DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  The Chairman to remind Councillors of the need to declare interests as necessary






          21/02239/AGFO Agricultural or Forestry Notification for Erection of an agricultural barn and  

          associated works at Land South of Fields Road

   21/01915/FUL Newport Farm – Barn Conversion (Revised Scheme)

   21/01943/FUL The Summer House – Change of Use of Land to Facilitate the Extension of 

   the Residential Curtilage – for information only  

01.1   Planning Application Notification 21/00911/DMPO – Rendcomb Airfield – To receive an

          update & consider if any further action should be taken

01.2   Neighbourhood Plan – To receive any update

01.3   Planning Issues – To consider email (10/6) from Quenington Parish Council




02.1    Traffic in Village and Road Matters:                              


a) Roadside Verges – To receive any update

b) Heavy Goods vehicles using Cooks Hill – To consider reply from Dan Tiffnay, GCC

      (email 1/7)

c) Road Signs:

i) To note that several signs had now been cleaned by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and  


ii) To receive a report on the faded road signs

d) Temporary Road Closure 2341 from Fields Road to Calmsden 31.8.21 to 3.9.21

       for Thames Water to lay a new water main

02.2     Footpaths:

a) Stile between Playing Field and Grass Keep Field – To note that the problem with he

       stile is the narrow steps not the wire across the top

b) KCH 58 – To consider email (4/7) from Mrs Jess regarding the ploughing up of the path

c) KCH 4 – To consider email (4/7) regarding the flimsy stile

02.3     Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Chedworth Nature Reserve:

i)  Review the risks and identify any that are missing. 

ii)  Approve the proposed 12-month transition period or make an alternative proposal

             iii) Approve this legacy plan for the Parish Council to assume ownership and management

                   responsibility of Chedworth nature reserve.

02.3     Playing Field:-



a) To receive any update on the Elderberries bench on the Playing Field

b) Dog Fouling on the Playing Field – To receive any update

c) Annual Inspection – To consider the annual inspection report & decide whether to

       continue with the rolling repeat order

d) To note that KTA will be using the playing Field for camping 22nd to 25th July

02.4     The Grass Keep Field:

a)   Drama Group Storage:

i) To receive any update and note that the base has been laid

ii) To consider the supplier of the shed as Vale Stables will now charge a 40%

                        increase in price                      

b)   Tree Planting on Diggers Field – To receive any update

c) Large Water Bill for the Grass Keep – To consider what action should be taken

                    regarding the large water bill received for the Grass Keep field            

02.6      Village Hall:

a) Provision of additional toilet facilities to accommodate Pre-school – To receive any


b) Village Hall application for a grant towards the Shower Room loo – To consider the


c) Village Hall application for a grant towards the provision of new doors – To

                   consider the application from the Village Hall Committee

02.7      Storage of Parish Council Documents – To note that a fireproof box had been purchased to

             keep the documents safe

02.8      Parish Council Photocopier – To consider that the photocopier developed a fault code

             following the power cut

02.9      EV Charging Point – To consider email (5/7) from Paul Hodgkinson

02.10    Church Graveyard – To consider comment received from Chedworth Website regarding

             The condition of the Graveyard and decide if any action is necessary

02.11    CDC Litter Survey – To decide if this should be completed


03.0      FINANCE:


03.1      D Broad (Web Hosting May/June/July + Domain Renewal 1 year) £33.60

03.2      E Broad (Fireproof Safe Box) £27.95

Cottage Garden Services (P/F Cutting June) (£80.00 + VAT) £96.00

Bibury (Tuns Hill Cut & Clear, Path Cuts in Graveyard & Visibility Splays at Crossroads)

(£412.00 + VAT) £494.40

P A Dickenson (Stile on Playing Field (from February) £290.00 + VAT) £348.00

Microsoft 365 Suite Renewal £79.00

Castle Water £77.19 Retrospective

Iain Selkirk (Internal Audit 20/21) £105.00 Retrospective

The Play Inspection Company (Annual Inspection) (£85.00 + VAT) £102.00

Neighbourhood Plan Payments:

i) Iain Robertson (Flyers & Leaflets) £29.99

03.12    Council in receipt of £7,640.00 from Groundworks UK Neighbourhood Plan Grant

03.13    Council in receipt of £240.00 Playing Field Rental from KTA

03.14    Annual Audit report from Mr Selkirk, Internal Auditor – To note that there were no matters

             to be brought to Councillors attention

03.15    Quarterly Budget Update April/May/June 2021

03.16    Quarterly Financial Review to be undertaken by Cllr. Morgan & the Clerk




04.3      Hill and Valley News – To consider whether an August on-line edition should be produced


NEXT MEETING:  Monday 9th August 2021 at 7.30pm.