Chedworth Parish Council

Parish council meetings are open to the public. At the beginning of each meeting there is a period set aside for villagers to raise any items they wish which are relevant to the parish council. These can be comments on items on the agenda or other matters which fall within the parish council’s responsibilities. Once the public session is over members of the public are welcome to remain but not participate in the business of the meeting.





CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES:      Parish Council Virtual Meeting 14th December 2020


DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  The Chairman to remind Councillors of the need to declare interests as necessary





   20/04460/TCONR The Vicarage – Tree Works

01.1   Land next to Village Hall – To receive any update

01.2   Neighbourhood Plan

a) That the Parish Council approve of applying for the grant (we do not have to be designated)

b) To approve a Steering Committee to move forward with the Neighbourhood plan. To also ask/advertise again if others want to be part of the Steering Committee – perhaps directly approach cricket club, tennis club, school, pubs, local businesses etc.

c) To approve of the application to the CDC for a designation for the Parish.

d) To provide a contingency fund of £6,000 over two years in the budget should we need it.  (£3,500 this year and £3,500 next)

e) To consider if we want to join up with other local parishes to do a joint plan



02.1    Traffic in Village and Road Matters:                              

a)   Roadside Verges

i)  To receive any update on taking over the cutting of the roadside verges

b) Speeding in Chedworth Laines – To receive any update on the siting of the “20 is Plenty” signs

c) 20mph Speed Limits – To consider letter from Paul Morrish (email 6/1)

d) Stones on Verge at Salters Barn – To consider if any action should be taken regarding complaints about these large stones on the side of the road

e) TTRO 2233 Fields Road – To note temporary road closure 1st & 2nd March 2021 to allow tree felling due to Ash Die Back

f) Winter Provision – To receive an update on Emergency Plan/ Grit Bins from Cllr. McLellan

02.2     Footpaths:

a) KCH 64 – To consider any reply from the landowner and decide what, if any, further action should be taken              

b) Missing signs on parish rights of way – To receive report on any missing signs which have been notified to the Council and decide how to proceed

c) KCH 19 – To receive any update from Cllr. Morgan to our request for the path to be unblocked

d) KCH 8 – To consider any reply from the landowner

e) Footpaths around New Barn Farm

i) To agree to contact the owner of the land and request the reinstatement of missing way mark signs

ii) To consider the suggestion that the Parish Council should contact the landowner to request the formation of additional paths

02.3     Playing Field:-

a) New Bench on Playing Field – To note that this will be progressed in the Spring

b) Vandalism to Goal Post – To note that the far end goal post had been pulled down on 13th December and was re-erected by Councillors David & George Broad and decide if the posts should be removed on safety grounds

02.4     The Grass Keep Field:

a) Drama Group Storage –

i) To agree the terms of the licence/tenancy agreement with prospective tenants

ii) To select contractors and agree to instruct

b) Condition of Stile in the Grass Keep Field – To consider if the stile should be repaired or removed (the stile is not on the line of the footpath)

c) Tree Planting on Diggers Field – A Community Orchard or Copse – Cllr. McLellan

02.5     Chedworth Village Hall:

a) Village Hall Land Ownership – To consider documents received from Mr Hutton Potts on behalf of the Village Hall

b) Village Hall Snapshot – To consider email (21/12) From Simon Colbeck

02.6     Storage of Parish Council Documents – To consider how the documents should be stored

02.7     Rendcomb Airfield Noise – To request that the Parish Council formally request the CDC’s new CEO to look at this issue again – Cllr. Amory

03.0    FINANCE:

03.1    D Broad (Website Hosting Nov/Dec/Jan) £21.60

03.2    Castle Water (Grass Keep Water) £14.49

03.3    GRCC Membership £25.00

03.4    Donation towards upkeep of Graveyard from St Andrews Church – To note that a Donation of £200.00 was also made in June 2020

03.5    Council in receipt of £14.49 Grass Keep Water reimbursement from HVLTC

03.6    Setting the 2021/22 Budget:

        i)   To note email (18/12) from John Selway requesting £6,000 be included on the Parish Council budget for the Village Hall


04.1    To consider items for inclusion in the February edition of Hill and Valley

NEXT MEETING:  Budget Meeting – Monday 25th January 2021 at 7.30pm.