Chedworth Parish Council

Parish council meetings are open to the public. At the beginning of each meeting there is a period set aside for villagers to raise any items they wish which are relevant to the parish council. These can be comments on items on the agenda or other matters which fall within the parish council’s responsibilities. Once the public session is over members of the public are welcome to remain but not participate in the business of the meeting.





CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES:      Parish Council Virtual Meeting 8th March 2021


DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  The Chairman to remind Councillors of the need to declare interests as necessary






   21/01007/TCONR The Orchard, Calves Hill – Tree Works

   21/00884/REM Manor Farm – Reserved Matters for Erection of an agricultural worker’s


   21/00875/TCONR The Vineyard, Queen Street – Tree Works  

   21/00911/DMPO – Rendcomb Airfield

   21/00888/FUL Silver Spring – Extension

   20/04532/FUL Armstrong Cottage – Extension


01.2   Neighbourhood Plan – To receive any update – Cllr. Amory




02.1    Traffic in Village and Road Matters:                              


a) Roadside Verges – To receive any update on the Parish Council taking over total

      responsibility for cutting all grass verges in the parish & decide if a spring cut is required

b) Heavy Good vehicles using Cooks Hill – To consider the emails from Mr Edelsten (1/4)

02.2     Footpaths:

a) Missing signs on parish rights of way – To receive any responses

b) Footpaths around New Barn Farm – To consider any response from the landowner and

      decide on any further action

c) KCH 10 – To note that at stile at the Courts Close end has been broken

d) KCH 4 – To note that two stiles on the path needed new steps and that the Clerk had

      informed the landowner who has agreed to undertake repairs

02.3     Playing Field:-

a) To receive any update to the request by the Elderberries to place a bench on the playing field

b) Request to book the Playing Field by KTA 22nd to 25th July 2021 – To agree and decide how much to charge

c) Request for use by HVLTC for Tennis Tournament on 26th June – To consider and decide if a charge should be made

02.4     The Grass Keep Field:

a)   Drama Group Storage – To receive any update                 

 b)   Tree Planting on Diggers Field – To receive any update

 d)   Grass Keep Tenancy – To confirm that Mr and Mrs Wall have agreed to renew the Licence for a further year


02.5      The Lower End Chapel Graveyard – To consider email (29/3) from Bibury offering to continue cutting the graveyard as previously           

02.6      Storage of Parish Council Documents – To receive any update on where the documents should be stored

02.7      Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Chedworth Nature Reserve – To consider email (9/3) and

             decide if any action is required

02.8      Pop up Shop – To consider if the Parish Council would support a “pop-up shop” on a

             Saturday at the village hall (once things have opened up) – in lieu of the village shop to see

             if we can get the support going for a Community Shop – Cllr Amory


03.0      FINANCE:


03.1      D Broad (Quarterly Website Hosting) £21.60

03.2      High Tech Windows (Balance of Windows for Village Hall inc. VAT £999.58) £4,498.12 


Sally Chapman (Neighbourhood Plan) £122.50 Retrospective

Groundworks UK (Return of unspent Grant) £982.50 Retrospective




04.1      To consider if the May meeting should be a face to face meeting and if so consider

             changing the date to Monday 17th May to further comply with Covid restrictions being


04.2      Annual Parish Meeting – Monday 24th May at 7.30pm.

04.3      To consider items for inclusion in the May edition of Hill and Valley