Chedworth Parish Council

Parish council meetings are open to the public. At the beginning of each meeting there is a period set aside for villagers to raise any items they wish which are relevant to the parish council. These can be comments on items on the agenda or other matters which fall within the parish council’s responsibilities. Once the public session is over members of the public are welcome to remain but not participate in the business of the meeting.





CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES:      Parish Council Virtual Meeting 13th July 2020


DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  The Chairman to remind Councillors of the need to declare interests as necessary.






  20/02330/FUL The Summer House – Alterations (awaiting decision)

  20/02331/LBC The Summer House – Listed Building Consent (awaiting decision)

  20/02332/FUL The Summer House – Alterations (awaiting decision)

  20/02460/TCONR St Andrews Church – Tree Works


01.1  Appeal Decision – 19/04119/FUL Hartshill – Tennis Courts – Appeal Dismissed




02.1    Traffic in Village and Road Matters:                              


a)   Roadside Verges:

   i)  To receive any update on taking over the cutting of the roadside verges from GCC Highways

b) Withington Hill – To report on the latest information from County Highways regarding the resurfacing of Withington Hill and decide if any further action is appropriate at present

02.2     Footpaths:

a)   KCH 20 Manor Farm – To note that a complaint has been received about electric fence        bordering and crossing this path without the appropriate signage being in place, to note that an email had been sent to Mr and Mrs Hamilton asking for signage to be put in place and decide if any further action is required

b) Temporary Closure of KCH 36 Fossebridge – Notification from GCC

c) Parish Footpath Map – To agree to the inclusion of the map compiled by the Chairman on the Parish Council website.

02.3     Playing Field:-

a) To consider the Annual Inspection Report for the Adult Exercise Equipment

b) To consider we wish to take up the offer from The Play Inspection Company to undertake a rolling repeat inspection

02.4     The Grass Keep Field:

a) Drama Group Storage – To receive an update including any quotations for providing the building

02.5     Trees at The Hemplands – To consider any information from Jenny Forde on the request from Mrs Taylor for help in getting the trees outside her property cut and decide if the parish council can help any further


02.6     Chedworth Village Hall –

a) The Village Hall Sign – To consider any reply from the Village Hall concerning the recently erected sign

02.7    Future Parish Council Meetings – To consider the recent email (4/8) on the re-opening of the Village Hall and decide whether the September meeting should be a virtual meeting

02.8    Rendcomb Airfield – To consider email (5/8) from Mr Akhurst regarding noise from Rendcomb Airfield


03.0    FINANCE:


03.1    Community Heartbeat Trust (Replacement Pads) (£38.00 + VAT) £45.60 Retrospective

03.2    Castle Water £10.82 Retrospective

03.3    Bibury (Tuns Hill £260.00 & Verge Cutting £364.00 + £40.00 arisings removal) (£664.00 + VAT) £796.80

03.4    Clerks Quarterly Telephone/Broadband Contribution £86.60

03.5    Cottage Garden Services (Playing Field Cutting July) (£80.00 + VAT) £96.00

03.6    The Play Inspection Company (Annual Inspection of Adult Exercise Equipment) (£85.00 + VAT) £102.00

03.7    Council in receipt of £200.00 Annual Ground Rent from HVLTC

03.8    Council in receipt of £10.82 Reimbursement of Grass Keep Water Bill




04.1   Hill and Valley – To consider any items for inclusion in the September edition


NEXT MEETING:  Monday 14th September at 7.30pm.