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Many rural and heritage home owners use oil tanks to heat their homes, makes this an attractive proportion for thieves.   Thefts vary from small amounts being stolen, to the whole tank being drained. Methods used by the thieves can be very basic, including drilling holes in the side of the tank through to extractor pumps and the use of large holding tanks on articulated lorries.   The most effective ways to deter criminals from targeting an external oil tank are to:

·         Locate the tank in a position where it can be seen from the property, but not from the road.

·         Install movement activated security lighting. But if there is no increased chance of criminal activity being seen, do not install new lights as these may assist the thief

·         Make sure your boundary walls and fences are suitable and lock driveway access gates at night and when the premises are unattended

·         Site the tank within a locked, well ventilated and detached out building.

·         Conceal the location of the tank – use hedging, fencing or walling.

·         Defensive planting is nature’s way of helping to reduce crime. Thieves will be reluctant to force their way through or over prickly vegetation. Defensive planting around the tank could provide an effective and decorative barrier.

·         Consider buying an electronic tank gauge, which you can read from inside your property, this will also set off an alarm should there be a sudden drop in oil level caused by a leak or theft.

·         Larger properties should consider installing monitored CCTV.

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