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You will probably have heard that there are plans to put a mobile phone pole near the village hall crossroads. The Parish Council was given 14 days in which to comment on proposals before a planning application was due to be submitted and we made various observations on location and design following an extra meeting held to discuss the matter. We also indicated to the applicant, CTIL, that we may be prepared to offer Parish Council land for the equipment if this could place the pole in a more acceptable location.

We were unhappy with the limited time we were given to comment. We also felt the location was unsatisfactory but were aware that the mobile phone companies have wide ranging powers. They are able to locate their equipment on highway verges free of charge without consulting with the Highway Authority. In addition the planning authority can only comment on appearance and location and cannot object to the principle of development in relation to mobile phone equipment.

Having received further comments from villagers we have persuaded the developer to consider an alternative location and are now looking into the possibility of using part of the parish land adjacent to the playing field. This area is protected by trees which would screen the pole and we are told is likely to give better coverage in the areas of the village which currently have no signal.

CTIL have agreed to consider this site IF WE ARE ABLE TO MAKE THEM A FIRM
OFFER WITHIN ONE WEEK, if we do nothing the crossroads pole will go ahead.

We are therefore holding a further meeting to find out if villagers would prefer to see the
pole on Parish Council land. We can’t stop the pole but we can try to get it in a better location.

Parish Council Meeting
7.30 pm Wednesday 5th April
St Andrews School Hall

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