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Much of the village is contained within a Conservation Area and we are governed by strict planning rules affecting not only the construction and modification of homes but also the preservation of the visual amenities of the village, its landscape and trees.

As a basic tenet we want to help retain the visual charm of a long-established Cotswold village, as, we are sure, do most of its residents.

All trees above a certain size within the Conservation area are protected under the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act. Specific procedures must be followed before any pruning or felling can be undertaken. The tree warden for Chedworth is Susie Moore. She can be contacted on 01285 720214.

The Parish Council is not the arbiter of planning permission but Cotswold District Council seeks our views on every application. We are very happy to discuss any aspect of planning with residents before or after an application is made.

Inevitably local planning issues and developments can be controversial so our best advice is to seek professional or competent opinion before going to the expense of submitting planning applications to Cotswold District Council.



For more information about planning, including planning applications within Chedworth, visit Cotswold District Council's Planning webpage.

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