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News from our April Meeting

 Flooding on the Airfield

The dangerous flooding on the airfield bend, which has been a problem for many years, has been worse than ever over recent weeks and the parish council has been trying to get something done about it.

The drain had become completely blocked but following pressure from the parish council and Paul Hodgkinson, it has been cleared and we will try to ensure it is done on a regular basis.

Hiring the Playing Field

The playing field is a village facility which is available for everyone to use free of charge – but if you want exclusive use of the field for a match or an event then you need to book it through the clerk.

The charge for hiring the field is £20 per session which goes towards the paying the council’s maintenance costs – grass cutting alone costs us £800 per year.

 Adults only please

We are delighted that people are using the new gym equipment but would ask parents not to allow their small children to play on it.

We have made sure that the gate from the play area onto the playing field is secure so that children cannot easily access the fitness equipment but we have spotted parents allowing children to climb on it.

The equipment is designed to be safe for youths and adults over the height of 4’7” (140cm) but not children and we would hate a child to get injured.

Some cut-backs are good!

Hopefully those of you who walk or ride on Horses Ash Lane will have found it much easier to use since the parish council arranged for it to be cleared. We had asked the County Council to do the work but their highways budget is so stretched that they could not take it on and we felt it was important that it was kept clear.

Ros Jess

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