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Planning for the future – do you want to be involved?

The meeting arranged by the parish council to look into the idea of drawing up a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the village gave us all to think about and we now have to decide how to proceed.

Around 30 people heard Elin Tattersall, from Gloucestershire Rural Community Council, explain the purpose of the plans which she said had far bigger teeth than any other option available to parishes. She explained that a steering group of around 8 people, plus extra helpers, would be needed to produce the plan which had to be done under the umbrella of the Parish Council.

In a vote at the end of the evening, 12 people supported the idea of a plan for Chedworth and at our October parish council meeting it was agreed to investigate how many parishioners would be prepared to be involved if we decided to go ahead.

It can take up to two years to complete a plan and requires a great deal of work to ensure that the document satisfies all the requirements and gets final approval when submitted for an independent examination. Once the council finds out if there are enough people willing to commit to the work required then we will decide on the next step.

If you think it would be a good idea to draw up a plan for Chedworth and have the time and enthusiasm to get involved then please contact Ian Morgan who can answer any queries you may have.

Can you help us with our footpaths?

The parish is blessed with many miles of footpaths and bridleways which offer wonderful places to walk and ride and the parish council is keen to make sure they are kept in good condition.

We would like to make sure that any problems are reported so that they can be sorted out and we would like to organise a group of wardens who would each take responsibility for a particular area of the village.

We have already had two volunteers and we are now looking for more to join them so that we can divide the village into manageable areas meaning the job doesn’t need to be too onerous for any one person.

All we need are people who enjoy walking and would be happy to report any problems they find when they are out and about, so if you think you would like to get involved please get in touch.

In the meantime if you encounter any problems while enjoying our rights of way please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help which could mean contacting the landowner or passing on reports to the county council highways authority whose legal responsibilities include:-

  • Keeping the surface of a public right of way in a fit state to be used
  • Making sure obstructions are removed.
  • Maintaining some bridges over natural watercourses, including farm ditches.
  • Providing at least 25% contribution (on completion of the work to a standard the highway authority is satisfied with) to any landowners’ costs in replacing and maintaining structures.
  • Making sure there are no notices that prevent or discourage the use of a public right of way.
  • Adding signs where a public right of way leaves metalled roads.
  • Making sure the public’s rights to use a public right of way are protected.
  • Making sure landowners carry out their duties, and take action if they don’t.

Pressing for action on Tuns Hill problems

The parish council has contacted the highways authority to try to get something done to solve the flooding problem on Tuns Hill. The first heavy rain of the autumn has resulted in the water forcing off the manhole cover and the road has already had to be closed temporarily.

We will continue to press for something to be done but if you want to report this, or any other problem with the roads, you can contact the county council direct via their ‘Report It’ page. (http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/reportit).

Working Out the right area

Plans for creating a fitness area funded by a county council ‘Active Together’ grant are moving ahead and the equipment has been selected and the grant applied for.

Initially we had considered locating the equipment on the playing field but this would cause problems with mowing the area and so add to maintenance costs – it was also felt the area would be very exposed to the elements.

We are now suggesting that the land at the top of School Hill by the tennis courts would be a more suitable location for the equipment as it is more sheltered. The land is currently maintained by the Tennis Club and we are consulting with them before we make a final decision on where we site the equipment, but we would also like to know what you think about the location.

School finally gets its lines

After many months of begging, nagging and cajoling, the county council highways department has finally painted the extra yellow lines outside the school which were suggested by the working party set up to improve safety in the area. The extra lines were one of the safety measures proposed by representatives from the parish council, the school and neighbours who got together to draw up a Travel Plan which can be viewed on our website.

We are now waiting for just one more piece of line painting but have already had positive reports from the school that the parking situation is much improved.

This VETS is not for the animals

The council has decided to join a scheme which helps people who are on their own with a casualty and need one of the village’s defibrillators or have an emergency and need help.

The Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) is run by the Community Heartbeat Trust and provides a service to enable up to 10 villagers to be called simultaneously to help while waiting for the emergency services.

We provide a list of 10 numbers to The Heartbeat Trust and we are given a unique number which, in an emergency, rings all 10 numbers with a simple message asking the first person who picks up it they are in a position to help out.

Volunteers are not expected to have any medical experience and the system can be used for any emergency where additional help is required from neighbours, whether Cardiac Arrest or not.

We already have five numbers but still need more, so if you think you could help please get in touch with the council or check out the parish council’s website for more information.

Work to improve mobile phone signal goes on

The parish council is continuing to look at ways in which the mobile phone signal can be improved following the failure of the government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project.

Matt Fulford has prepared a discussion paper looking at the different approaches which could be used to try to eliminate the not-spots in the village and you can read this on our website.

One avenue which is being investigated is the way in which the new fibre broadband, which will be arriving in Chedworth next year, can be used to help with the problem.

Be a good neighbour
With the arrival of winter it’s a good time to remind everyone of the need to keep an eye out for their neighbour. A five minute detour to make sure that a vulnerable person is OK and not in need of anything could make all the difference.

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