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New Website up and running

The Parish Council has a new website which we hope will be easy to use and packed full of useful information. Since the election in May we have been trying to work out the best way to keep everyone informed about what’s going on in the village and while we know that not everyone has access to a computer we felt that improving the web site was a good way to start.

Big thanks should go to Iain Robertson who has designed the new site for the council – ensuring we got what we wanted without costing the village a huge amount of money.

On the new site you will be able to sign up for email alerts to help keep you up to date with new information and there are plans to continue to add information to the site, so if you have any comments please let us know. Our existing site has to remain in place at present but should direct you to the new website which can be found at www.chedworthpc.org.uk

Thanks for stepping up

We now have a group of volunteers who are going to keep an eye on our rights of way and we have drawn up a plan of what we would like them to do. If you are a keen walker it’s still not too late to join them so please get in touch.

We also have enough volunteers to set up the emergency telephone system to people to use if they need the defibrillator to help a casualty but are on their own.
Details on this will be available soon so look out for information on the website or next month’s Hill and Valley.

Tuns Hill

The overflowing drain and manhole on Tuns Hill has forced the highways authority to close the road on a number of occasions over the winter.
The problem is with the manhole cover which gets lifted by the water and makes it unsafe to drive over so the parish council has suggested that the danger may be removed if the manhole was replaced with a grille which would allow the water to escape without being lifted by the pressure.

The county council has already spent £11,000 on the work carried out so far and in order to do a permanent fix the project needs to get into the capital programme – difficult at a time when budgets are being cut.

We will continue to press for action to fix the problem and will do what we can to put pressure on to get any issues with highways or other county council services resolved. You can also be report at matters at http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/reportit.

Getting equipped to get fit

The Parish Council has now placed an order for the outdoor gym equipment which will be located on the playing field adjacent to the tennis courts. The project is being funded by a grant from the county council and total spend will be more than £6,500.

For this, the village will get 5 pieces of adult gym equipment which we hope will be used by grown-ups of all ages. The annual ongoing costs, which will be met by the parish council, should be less than £300.

We are aiming for the equipment to be installed in March – perfect timing to take advantage of
the Spring weather!

If you would like to find out how we chose the equipment and exactly what the costs are then visit the parish council’s website.

ExBox defibrillator out of action

The defibrillator at the old phone box in Lower Chedworth has been out of action but if repairs have gone according to plan it should be available again now. The emergency services were informed so were aware not to send anyone to that defibrillator while it was out of action.

Success for Parish Council application

Back in 2006 in the parish council applied to add a length of public footpath at Hills Farm to the Definitive Map of public rights of way.
The application was supported by 77 public evidence forms, claiming use of the route on foot and on horseback, and the council has just been told that the application was successful.
The stretch of path which runs from the track to Hills Farm up to Horses Ash Lane has been added to the definitive map as a Restricted Byway. This means that it is open to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and horses and carts – in fact everything except motor vehicles.
This path has been used by generations and it’s good to see that the council’s application has had a successful outcome.

Bag it and Bin It

We have been offered a grant from the district council for environmental services work and have asked for a dog poo bin to be located on the road between the crossroads and Pinkwell because of reports of excessive dog mess on the verge.

We are currently trying to find a suitable location which is practical for use but not too obtrusive and if we succeed we hope that dog walkers will pick up after their pets and make use of the bin.

Even in parts of the village where there are no bins dog walkers should always clean up and take the bags home – dog mess is not only very unpleasant it can also be very dangerous and can cause serious illness and even blindness in small children.

Better mobile without a Mast?

If you are interested in getting an improved mobile phone signal in the village then please have a look at the discussion paper which Matt Fulford has put together and is on our website
It looks at the different approaches which could be used to try to eliminate the not-spots in the village and we would really welcome your comments on it.

Despite the demise of the Mobile Infrastructure Programme work is continuing to see how things can be improved and a meeting is taking place at Shire Hall when all the mobile operators are getting together to discuss the problem. Our county councillor, Paul Hodgkinson will be chairing the meeting and representatives from the village are attending.

Budget fixed for coming year

January is the month when the parish council decides how much money it is likely to spend in the next financial year.
We have increased the amount available for tidying the village but this has been balanced by a reduction in anticipated spend on the playing field which last year needed new fencing and a new shed.

Some of our bigger ongoing expenses include cutting the playing field which costs us more than £800 a year, the defibrillators and first aid training which this year has cost around £380 and insurance which is likely to cost us around £600.

One new item which has been included is to allow for a possible donation to the proposed new Chedworth show to replace the flower show.

The end result is that we will be asking Cotswold District Council for £7,388 which is around £250 more than last year. This will mean that for a Band D property in the village the Parish Council portion of the council tax will be £17.21.

Welcome back to the folk camp?

The Folk Camp Organisation which visited the village last year and took over the village hall and playing field want to come back for a long weekend again this year.
They have approached the village hall committee and the parish council about hiring the facilities from 27th to 30th May and we will decide if we should allow them to use the field at our next meeting.

The event went of smoothly last year but if you have any concerns about them coming back over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May then please let us know before our February meeting.

If you don’t tell us – we don’t know

We always try our best to do what the village wants but sometimes it’s hard to know, so if you don’t like something which the parish council is doing – or we aren’t doing something you think we should – then please tell us.

A good example of this is when we are asked to comment on planning applications. If you are unhappy about an application and object to the district council then please let us know as well so that we can take your views into account when we make our representations

To contact the council, email the clerk, Elizabeth Broad (clerk@chedworth-pc.org.uk), or call her on 720313. You can also contact any of the councillors direct.

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