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Chedworth to miss out as scheme to solve mobile not-spots ends
News released last week that the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure
Programme, set up to improve mobile coverage in rural areas, was to end
was discussed by the parish council.
It was reported that the scheme was failing to provide the number of
masts originally proposed and Government changes following the election
had led to an August deadline being imposed for applications to be
Parish councillors were unhappy that more progress had not been made
by Arqiva and Harlequin on the site off Horses Ash Lane which had been
suggested to them as a potential location back in April.
Adrian Bell reported that initial investigations into the site had shown than
a 20 metre mast would be effective in that location but no more work had
been done.
Councillors agreed to write to express our disappointment and impress on
those in charge the high level of support there was in the village for an
improved mobile signal.
Adrian also reported that there were other changes in the pipeline which
may offer alternative ways of getting a mast to serve the village.
The council is planning to investigate other measures which could be
taken to improve phone reception.

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