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Suspect someone is having a Heart Attack?Heart Attack

Dial 999 or 112 for an Ambulance.

In addition there are 3 defibrillators in the village.

Click here for details of these and how to make use of them.


Emergency Services

EmergencyDial 999 or 112 to quickly connect you to the appropriate Ambulance, Fire or Police Service.

(For non emergency contact to the Police – dial 101).

You will be asked for your postal address and post code. But if you live in an isolated area, it may also help if you know, and keep a note of, the Grid Reference (SP nnnnn nnnnn) for your house – this can be obtained from the following website: http://gridreferencefinder.com.

Also it will help an ambulance to find you if you ensure that your outside light(s) is switched on (at night), your house sign (name or number) is clearly visible and your neighbours have been alerted so that they can help to guide the ambulance.

It may also help if directions to find the property have been prepared in advance and are readily available by the telephone for use when making a 999 emergency call.

Major Utilities

  • Electricity – 105
  • Water – Thames Water 0800 316 9800
  • Environment Agency – 03708 506506

Community Emergency Plan

emergency planThe  Parish Council has produced and has implemented a Community Emergency Plan.

The aim of this plan is to increase resilience within the community before, during and after emergency situations. It concentrates on bad weather, primarily winter snow and ice, but also other adverse weather conditions at any time of the year. In addition it covers other possible, but less likely, disaster situations or major incidents. A copy of the full plan can be seen by clicking here.

The Plan includes a summary Winter Plan Leaflet in Appendix 3 that has been circulated to every household (click here to see a separate copy), a list of Key Contacts in Appendix 1 (click here to see a copy), a list of Area Wardens in Appendix 2 (click here to see a copy) and a Map showing gritting details etc in Appendix 5 (click here to see a copy).


glous_highwaysAny problems such as potholes, fallen trees, blocked road, mud on road etc should be reported to Gloucestershire County Council Highways on 08000 514514. This number diverts to an emergency line if it is an out of normal office hours call.

The Parish Council has purchased a towable salt spreader to help keep open those roads in the village which are not covered on the main Gloucestershire County Council Highway’s gritting routes. If you have a 4×4 or off-road vehicle and are prepared to help, please contact the Parish Clerk.

We have also acquired and distributed green grit bins to replace the previous untidy salt heaps dotted around the village. If you know of a position in the village which is lacking a salt bin please contact the Parish Clerk and we will endeavour to supply one.

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