The Parish Council is obliged to maintain and publicise a number of Statutory Documents. These can be downloaded from the list below.

Other documents are listed in the column on the right.

Annual Audit Return 2016-20171.1 MiB307
Annual Audit Return 2017-20184.0 MiB54
Audit Poster 8 Aug 20170.4 MiB112
Chedworth Parish Council Privacy Policy0.2 MiB42
Chedworth Parish Council Freedom Of Information Act Adopted November 20090.1 MiB498
Chedworth PC Code Of Conduct 30-9-120.2 MiB309
Register Of Interests Clive Poulton0.2 MiB322
Register Of Interests David C Broad0.3 MiB280
Register Of Interests David C Broad Changes26 KiB311
Register Of Interests George Broad0.1 MiB197
Register Of Interests Iain PJ Robertson61 KiB321
Register Of Interests Matthew Fulford0.3 MiB352
Register Of Interests Rosalyn E Jess0.3 MiB254

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