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News from our December and January meetings is now online and you can find it here Hill and Valley Article January 2017.

One thought on “090117 News from December and January

  1. Alex Priest says:

    Whilst I appreciate that there are differing views on how roadside verges are maintained, having seen the results of the recent Parish Council-sponsored “tidying up”, one can’t help but get the impression that this has somewhat backfired. Frankly it’s shocking and upsetting to see the damage that has been done and the mess that’s been made.

    If there had been a valid reason for this butchery it would have been a lot easier to take, but I just can’t see why it was necessary, given that the county council already cuts trees which are “dead, diseased and represent an immediate highway hazard”. In my opinion all that has been achieved is to make the verges look like they’ve been vandalised, ruining the natural look of the countryside and harming valuable wildlife habitat.

    I object to seeing Parish Council funds used on what is by any standards a contentious issue. I for one am more than happy with the natural look of the verges, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who will support this view and resist the clamour from the small but clearly very vocal minority who seem to want to make the village into a manicured suburb.

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