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There are three ways to contact the Parish Council:

  1. Write to or email the Clerk at clerk@chedworthpc.org.uk (All formal communications with
    the Parish Council should be via the Clerk).
  2. Contact a Councillor (see details elsewhere on this page).
  3. Attend a Parish Council meeting (see section below on meetings).
  4. Complete the Contact Us Form below.

There are five ways that the Parish Council communicates information to Parishioners:

  1. A Parish Council column in the monthly Hill & Valley newsletter, this has a wide circulation in the Chedworth Benefice including virtually all the households in the Chedworth Parish.
  2. Meeting dates and other significant items on the Village Notice Boards.
  3. The Parish Council web site (www.chedworthpc.org.uk) contains comprehensive
    information on the Parish Council including meeting dates, agendas and minutes.
  4. Emails to residents that have registered their addresses.
  5. The Parish Council also uses social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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