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Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017 Report

The Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017 Report has now been published. The report contents include: Parish Summary Aim Survey distribution and response Key findings Part A...

March Meeting News

News from our March 13th meeting Notes-from-our-March-2017-meeting.pdf

Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017

You can find the Online Version of the Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017 at The Parish Council very much appreciates your help with this survey.

Emergency Information

Suspect someone is having a Heart Attack?
Dial 999 or 112 for an Ambulance. In addition there are 3 defibrillators in the village.
Emergency Services
Dial 999 or 112 to quickly connect you to the appropriate Ambulance, Fire or Police Service.
Major Utilities
Electricity – 105
Water – 0800 316 9800 – Thames Water
Environment Agency – 03708 506506

Emergency Email Subscription

The Parish Council has the ability to send out emails to those who like to be warned of any emergencies that are likely to have an impact on the community. If you would like your name and email address to be added to this list please complete this form. You can remove yourself from the list at any time.